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1. Schedule Appointment:

Once we have been in contact with you by phone or e-mail, a time will be scheduled to meet face to face at the site of your project to go over your goals for the space. 

2. Provide On-site Consulting:

At this stage we are ready come to the site and meet face to face. We will walk through your project gathering all the information needed to design an in-depth plan. Along the way giving you professional advice on the best way to create the space. 

3. Provide Drawings and Plans:

Depending on the complexity of your job, we will provide you with conceptual drawings and/or detailed computer rendered landscape plans.  

4. Provide Estimate:

A cost estimate and time line will be provided to you in writing with terms of payment. 

5. Sign Contract:

Once any revisions to the plans have been made and you are satisfied with the design and budget, we will enter into a contract with you. This will outline our guarantees on preforming an exceptional level of service within a time line and budget that meets your needs.  

6. Installation:

Now its time to transform our plans into reality! We will construct all the design features we have outlined in the previous steps in a professional and timely manner. 

7. Site Clean Up:

Once the job is done we will be sure to conduct a thorough clean up of the entire area. 

8. Customer Walk Through:

Upon completion, we will conduct a detailed walk through with you to ensure that any deficiencies are taken care of and all your questions are answered. Your satisfaction and peace of mind is of the utmost importance to us.   

9. Invoice:

Once you are completely satisfied with our service we will accept final payment. 

10. Follow Up: 

We will be sure to check in with you down the road to make sure that any questions or concerns that might arise are taken care of. We have your back!